Dwelling Insurance

Because of our familiarity with rental properties, we specialize in writing 1 – 4 family homes that are rented to others.  We also insure apartment buildings through our commercial department, depending on the number of units.  Whether it is a condominium rented to a local family or a rooming house with students from Rutgers, we can insure your properties at the lowest cost to you. 
This policy will provide building coverage, loss of rents, and liability protection for you.  As a reminder, neither the contents or liability of your tenants are covered, we therefore recommend that your tenants purchase renters insurance.

Here are some examples:

Three family house in New Brunswick with $432,000 on the dwelling and $500,000 liability for an annual premium of $1332.00.

Condominium rented to others in North Brunswick with $20,000 building coverage, $10,000 contents coverage and $500,000 liability for an annual premium of $188.00.

One family house in Somerset insured for $193,000 on a Special Form, $500,000 liability with a prior water claim for one year at a premium of $975.00.