Buildings Under Renovation

Buildings Under Renovation and/or Vacant

When your home or commercial building becomes vacant due to renovations, being listed for sale, or no longer occupied, your current personal or business policy may exclude coverage if a loss occurs while vacant. We specialize in writing those risks other companies do not want to insure, at the lowest possible rates. The buildings do not have to be boarded up, and our policies are issued for three, six or 12 months for building and liability coverage.

Here are some examples:

One family home under renovations for three months with $150,000 dwelling, $50,000 renovations and $500,000 liability for a premium of $887.00.

10,000 square foot vacant warehouse with $1,000,000 building coverage, $1,000,000 liability for three months for a premium of $3241.00.

One family house listed for sale with $215,000 on the dwelling, $500,000 liability for one year at a premium of $2290.00.

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