Founded in 1940, The Barrood Agency is uniquely qualified to handle your bonding needs. We work closely with local courts and our bonding companies to have your bonds approved, issued and delivered in the shortest time possible.

Please choose from the types of bonds listed below for additional information and applications, or call our office for rates or assistance.

 A bond may be required in relation to the handling of an estate or guardianship. This type of bond is most commonly needed when a court appointed fiduciary takes control of a person’s property and distributes proceeds according to law.  Court bonds ensure that one is protected from possible loss as a result of the outcome of the proceeding.

Almost every business which needs a license or permit to do business, requires a bond to guarantee the owner’s honesty, integrity, performance and payment.  Examples include auto dealer bonds, mortgage broker bonds, wage & welfare bonds, etc. This includes bonds needed for unclaimed property & “missing money”.

 Contract Bonds are required by federal, state, or local governments to guarantee the completion of a job as per the terms of a contract (typically construction).  Examples include bid bonds, performance bonds, and subdivision bonds.

These bonds guarantee that bonded employees will handle their employer’s money and property with fidelity. In other words, it guarantees that you are covered if they steal. Examples include employee dishonesty bonds, janitorial bonds, and notary bonds.

If you have questions regarding any type of bond, please call our office or email our bonding department.