75 Years of Service to our Community

Proud principals Phillip and David standing in their historic office that was built 270 years ago.  With a combined 180 years between them, they are holding a declaration from the New Jersey General Assembly congratulating them on 75 years in business.  They, along with their brother Louis, not only grew their business during this time, but have also groomed the next generation to serve their communities.

In 1940, Barrood Real Estate first opened its doors in a one-room office in New Brunswick. Louis Barrood, founder, and brothers David and Phillip were just getting the business off the ground when World War II broke out. All three went to serve, leaving their father, William Barrood, at the helm during their absence. They were stationed overseas for several years until they returned in 1945 to reestablish and grow their business.


In 1950, they moved to a house that they purchased and remodeled into an office. They expanded their services to include insurance and travel. Fifteen years later in 1965, they moved to their present address at 50 Paterson Street, located in the heart of the New Brunswick business district. The business grew rapidly and in 1973 they decided to add another office in Franklin Township, Somerset County. David P. Barrood, a township resident, took over as managing broker. In 1982, they expanded again by adding a Century 21 office in South Brunswick. Phillip Barrood took over as managing broker.

Today, the next generation of Barroods play an active role in the operation of all three divisions. They, along with non family employees and sales associates, have created an extended Barrood Family that continues to provide great service to its clients and customers.

“As we celebrate our 75th anniversary this year, we would like to thank all of our friends and customers for their trust, friendship and loyalty over the years. We renew our commitment to provide you with the best real estate, insurance and travel services for many years to come!”

-David and Phillip Barrood







New Brunswick businessman Louis Barrood dies at 96

By Chris Jordan

Louis Barrood Sr., a New Brunswick business icon whose interests involved real estate, insurance and travel, died at home in the city due to complication of a stroke Wednesday.

He was 96.

“I am deeply saddened by the passing of Louis Barrood, a true son of New Brunswick and an American success story,” said New Brunswick Mayor James Cahill in a statement. “A lifelong resident of New Brunswick, he was a mainstay in the business community, starting his real estate and insurance business more than 70 years ago before he served his country in World War II. He was a committed businessman, civic-minded citizen and the patriarch of a great family.”

The Barrood family emigrated from Lebanon 100 years ago in 1912, and Barrood was born in the family’s South Ward Street home in New Brunswick. He was the eldest of 12.

He helped his parents operate the family grocery store at 28 S. Ward St., and from there passed real estate and insurance exams and opened the Barrood Agency Inc. in 1940.

“I think of my father of having a real fighting spirit,” said son Louis Barrood Jr. “He used to box in the neighborhood house as a teenager, and he was very self-disciplined and very self-motivated.”

The Barrood businesses include Barrood Real Estate Agency, Louis Barrood Worldwide Travel Agency and the Barrood Insurance Agency. The core of the business was Barrood Sr. and his two younger brothers, David and Phillip. Two other brothers, Edward and Abraham, were also part of the business.

A devotion to family was very strong for Barrood Sr.

“His parents taught him the value of family and family came first,” said son George Barrood.

Barrood Sr.’s children all either work for the agency or have strong ties to New Brunswick. Son Michael recently purchased and reopened the city’s Court Tavern music club.

The Barrood Agency now has two branches, one in Franklin Township and the other in the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick, in addition to the flagship New Brunswick office.

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Barrood Agency, New Brunswick has been in business 70 Years

By Jared Kaltwasser – Staff Writer – March 6, 2010


Brothers Phillip. Louis and David Barrood have run the Barrood Agency in New Brunswick for 70 years. With offices In the Somerset section of Franklin and the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick, the Barroods sell real estate, insurance and travel packages. (PHOTO: JARED KALTWASSER)





Address of business:
50 Paterson St., New Brunswick
700 Easton Ave., Somerset section of Franklin
3060 Route 27, Kendall Park section of South Brunswick

Type of business: Real estate, insurance and travel agency
Principals: Brothers Louis Barrood, President; David Barrood, Treasurer; and Phillip Barrood, secretary How long in business: 70 years
Number of employees: 50
Telephone number: 732-247-8664
Web site:
Name of business: Barrood Agency Inc.

Louis Barrood knew he wanted to go into real estate when he saw Frank Parker drive up in a brand new car and brand new suit smoking a cigar. Parker worked at the old New Brunswick Fire Insurance Co.. while Barrood, then 20, was working early morning to late night at his father’s grocery store on Ward Street.

“I said what do you have to do to be a real estate salesman?” Barrood recalled of his conversation with Parker. Parker told Barrood he would have to pass an exam and Parker offered to give Barrood some real estate books to study.

“Two weeks later I took the test, and I passed it,” Barrood said.

Shortly thereafter, he took the insurance sales test and passed that too. “I surprised myself,” he said.

“I passed the real estate and insurance tests, and I was in business.”

In 1940, Barrood founded Barrood Agency Inc. which today is a real estate, insurance and travel agency, located on Paterson Street.  More than seven decades later, Barrood’s venture has turned into a family tradition.

“It’s actually a requirement when you turn 18 to get a real estate license.” said Elizabeth Barrood, Louis’ daughter who has her real estate and insurance licenses.  She currently sells the latter at the agency.

Louis Barrood was the eldest of 11 children, all born and raised in the Hub City. The core Of the business is Louis Barrood and his two younger brothers, David and Phillip. Two other brothers, Edward and Abraham, were also part of the business, though Edward has passed away and Abraham is retired. All five brothers are World War II veterans.

David Barrood said that after he graduated from college. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.

“I was looking for a job, any kind of job, and my mother would say “Go work for your brother; go work for your brother’,” he recalled. Eventually, he agreed to give it try, and he’s been with the company ever since. Phillip Barrood also felt the call of family.

“It started as far as I’m concerned after I graduated from college,” he said. “Lou said I need you to help me. I’m busy.”

The company now has two branches in addition to the flagship New Brunswick office, One is in Franklin Township, and the other is in the Kendall Park section of South Brunswick. Many members of the second generation of Barroods have worked or currently work for the firm.

Louis, the firm’s president, is now 93, and his two brothers are in their eighties, but all three remain active in the business.

“They’re down to six days a week,” said David Barrood Jr., only half joking. He joined the firm 20 years ago, agreeing to fill in while the company sought a new insurance manager.

“So I’ve been a temp for 20-something years.” he said.

David Barrood Sr. said success has come from honest dealings and a love of the job.

“I think were successful because were honest in our dealings,” he said. “People have faith in us and trust in us.

“Louis Barrood likes to tell a story from many years back about a man whom attorney George Shamy brought to Barrood’s offices, saying the man was going to lose his house and desperately needed a loan. Louis Barrood helped the man, and to this day the man credits Louis Barrood with “saving his life.”

“It makes me happy too that I did that to help people,” he said.