About Us


75 Years of Service to our Community

In 1940, Barrood Real Estate first opened its doors in a one-room office in New Brunswick. Louis Barrood, founder, and brothers David and Phillip were just getting the business off the ground when World War II broke out. All three went to serve, leaving their father, William Barrood, at the helm during their absence. They were stationed overseas for several years until they returned in 1945 to reestablish and grow their business.

In 1950, they moved to a house that they purchased and remodeled into an office. They expanded their services to include insurance and travel. Fifteen years later in 1965, they moved to their present address at 50 Paterson Street, located in the heart of the New Brunswick business district. The business grew rapidly and in 1973 they decided to add another office in Franklin Township, Somerset County. David P. Barrood, a township resident, took over as managing broker. In 1982, they expanded again by adding a Century 21 office in South Brunswick. Phillip Barrood took over as managing broker of this office located on Route 27.

Today, the next generation of Barroods play an active role in the operation of all three divisions. They, along with non family employees and sales associates, have created an extended Barrood Family that continues to provide great service to its clients and customers.

“As we celebrate our 75th anniversary this year, we would like to thank all our friends and customers for their trust, friendship and loyalty over the years. We renew our commitment to provide you with the best real estate, insurance and travel services for many years to come!”

-David and Phillip Barrood

Below is a listing of our management team:

Two of our three founders at 92 and 95, still hard at work leasing out a 10,000 square foot office building